Payton is a young Black man with a chance to marry into the upper echelons of Black society. But first he must abandon a secret, an unborn child with an ex-girlfriend. He is in desperate need of money and time away from his fiancé, who knows nothing about the baby. He finds a solution in wealthy and stubborn Gregory Devereaux (Keith David), an elderly regular from his favorite late-night diner. Hired by Devereaux’s estranged daughter as his caretaker, Payton quickly becomes Gregory’s confidant, and Payton’s problems seem to disappear. But as Devereaux nears death - with the wedding and the baby’s birth fast approaching - Gregory’s past sins force Payton to reckon with his own decisions as a man. He must finally choose: marry rich, or do what’s right., on Good


  • Media Type: Feature Film
  • Genre: Drama
  • Role: Composer (Partial)
  • Release Date: 2021 September 3
  • Length: 80'
  • Creator: Justin Etheredge
  • Link to Creator:
  • Availability: Streamable TBD

Important Dates

  • 3 SEP 2021
  • Good - Public Release
  • Available for Streaming Through Various Platforms