The Dog Who Brought Home The Sun

As the snow kills off all of the crops and nothing is able to grow, the dog of an elderly farmer goes on a quest to find the sun and bring it home.


  • Media Type: 2D Animation
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Role: Composer
  • Release Date: 2021 June 5
  • Length: 4'
  • Creator: Stacy Li
  • Link to Creator: @sylichee
  • Availability: In circulation for festivals
  • Listen to the Score Here! ›

Important Dates

  • 5 JUN 2021
  • UCLA Animation Extravaganza 2021
  • UCLA (Livestream)
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Premiere of Borksmart, Rewind, Upstream, Bane of the Beasts, & The Dog Who Brought Home The Sun, Screening of The Other Half of the Apple