Visual Media Scores

If the film has been released and is allowed to be viewed online, the film will have a link here!


An animated short film by Kimberly Acosta.

Coming soon!

Excuse Me

An animated short film by Alex Voutsinas.

"After a young woman runs into the bathroom to try and relieve herself, she realizes that her stall is out of toilet paper and, well, shit happens."

Coming soon!

The Other Half of the Apple

An animated short film by Huamin Wen.

"Dispirited by her latest failed creation, a young girl is revived by another from her past."

Watch the full short here!

Final Draft

An animated short film by Yue Rose Huang.

View the trailer here!


An animated short by @pineapplepatree.


An animated short film by Angela Song.

"Confronted by an impossible obstacle, a young woman grapples with self-doubt and tries to find the strength to move forward."

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