Two Guys One Beat

Two Guys One Beat is a three-minute freestyle collaborative showcase between traditional multiple percussion and vocal percussion. The music acts merely as a sort of outline in order to dictate tempo shifts and moments of arrival, but outside of that, the players have freedom to construct the rhythms and interactions however they see best fit. The piece, then, is best to understand as a sort of “trading practice” between players, with an emphasis on call-and- response, potentially with physical instruments that mimic the sounds of the vocal percussionist. In short, this piece is whatever the performers wish to make of it that feels best to them, following a loose formal guideline, within which they can explore however much of the potential a beatboxer and a drum set player can bring out.


  • For percussion + vocal percussion
  • Category: Chamber Ensemble
  • Year Composed: 2022
  • Duration: 3'