The Medley From "Dis-Topia"

The Medley from Dis-Topia is a compilation of music from the original 2-act musical Dis-Topia written by Matthew Deegan, with music composed by Matthew Deegan, Abigail Torrence, and myself, and fully orchestrated by me. The musical had its premiere on November 5th-6th, 2021 by The Players’ Society at Chapman University.

In composing the music for Dis-Topia, the primary goal was to simulate the typical “Hollywood showtune” style of early Disney media for characters like Vera and Walt, while providing a sharp, edgier contrast when dealing with the characters that wallow in harsh reality. Over the course of the musical, as the characters interact and make their motivations bare, the styles begin to intertwine and shift in new directions.

The context for each of the songs is as follows:

Overture/City of Tomorrow: As Vera and her father are traveling to EPCOT, the Disney employees introduce the new city, as well as the newly-revived Walt, who is now a head in a jar on a table.

Underbelly of the Beast: The employees rant about their unfair treatment, and Kats, the leader of the Lost Boys, enters and rallies them to join their revolutionary cause.

Rollercoaster Tango: The Lost Boys, after sabotaging Vera’s Magic Band to broadcast their message to the entire city, blackmail her into joining them so that they can get closer to Walt.

Innocence: Vera, in response to the Lost Boys’ proposal, fights within herself to decide whether to turn herself in and trust the authorities or hide with them.

Most People Are Dead: Kats explains to Vera exactly how they see the world, with everybody basking in the fake corporate joy that Disney churns out while turning a blind eye to the misery that it inflicts on those less fortunate.

Freedom of Control: Walt, in an attempt to locate Vera, interrogates her father, promising him that while he is in charge, everything will remain stable and safe.

Neverland: Vera, refusing to let go of her innocence, vows to show Kats that the world, while cruel, can still be filled with beauty and wonder if they open themselves up to it.


  • For orchestra + SATB soloists
  • Category: Wind Ensemble/Orchestra
  • Year Composed: 2021 (arr. 2022)
  • Duration: 21'15"
  • Orchestration: 2.picc.2.2.bcl.2 - 4.2.2.btb.1 - timp.perc(7) - hp - pf/cel - egtr - bgtr - ds - str - SATB