Primal Pedals

This piece was written as a sort of exploration into more experimental techniques in a soloistic environment. Throughout the composition process, I was in close contact with the eventual performer, Alice Teyssier, who showed me the breadth of possibilities I could explore with the flute family of instruments, out of which we eventually settled upon the bass flute, as it had the most pronounced expression of non-traditional sound. Within our composer-performer sessions, Alice eventually brought up the idea of using a loop pedal, and with that, Primal Pedals was born.


  • For bass flute + loop pedal
  • Category: Solo
  • Year Composed: 2016
  • Duration: 3'45"
  • Commissioner: International Contemporary Ensemble


  • 12 JUN 2016
  • Primal Pedals - World Premiere at Ojai Music Festival
  • Libbey Bowl
  • Ojai, CA
  • Alice Teyssier (International Contemporary Ensemble)