Film Suite

This Film Suite is a medley of scores from a number of student films that I have had the privilege of being able to collaborate on between 2019 and the beginning of 2022.

In order of appearance, the films are as follows:

Goliath by Angela Song: Confronted by the massive physical representation of an impossible obstacle, a young woman grapples with self-doubt and tries to find the strength to move forward.

The Other Half of the Apple by Huamin Wen: Dispirited by her latest failed magical creation, a young girl is revived by another from her past.

Upstream by Kimberly Acosta: After being told by her grandmother that she must find a way to catch a star in order to make her wish come true, a girl sets off on a quest so that she may wish to become a salmon.

The Dog Who Brought Home The Sun by Staci Li: As the snow kills off all of the crops in the land and nothing is able to grow, the dog of an elderly farmer journeys out to find the sun and bring it to their owner.

Final Draft by Rose Yue Huang: Anna, a blithe young café worker, delivers food to a struggling author in a mysterious old apartment, only to discover herself as a pawn in a much greater and more sinister scheme.

In Your Own Blood by Marivel Magsaysay: Carmen’s vampiric relationship breaks down when her own demons start fighting back, preying on her very insecurities and forcing her into a nightmare she cannot return from.

Bane of the Beasts by Alexis Wong: A creature that was born and destined to rule all beasts is shunned by each and every herd due to its similarities and differences to all kinds, and struggles to find where it can belong.

Buddy Bot by Joey Jordan: After Adam is brought home by the police, his mom finally gives in and puts him under the supervision of Buddy, a robot designed to keep small kids in check while their parents are away. Once Buddy starts killing all of Adam’s fun, he starts to take matters into his own hands.

Understanding by Alex Voutsinas: The creator of his world, a mute giant creates a small friend in order to understand him, and in the process, learns the importance and value of listening to and working together with others.


  • For orchestra
  • Category: Wind Ensemble/Orchestra
  • Year Composed: 2019-2022 (arr. 2022)
  • Duration: 12'
  • Orchestration: 2.picc.2.3.bcl.2.tx - 4.3.2.btb.1 - timp.perc(6) - hp - pf/cel - egtr - bgtr - ds - erhu - str